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India under dangerous convergence of leading political parties- in scams

If Congress and BJP interests converge on key cases of national importance, I have something to get alarmed. That is dangerous for the nation.

In that respect, BJP boycott of Parliament in the  recently concluded monsoon session was great and good for national health – Coalgate scam – Involve state govts as well as its officials in the screening committee. Entertain recommondations letters from political parties of all hues. While UPA govt is certainly under docks and PM is certainly culpable for leading a group of scams, under his nose, the counter charges of Congree on BJP on coalgate is causing anxiety. Specially the Sancheti and Gadkari link in getting some coal mines allotted. That means coalgate was so conducted by bad opportunists by ensuring some BJP sympathisers also get a benefit. That helps them to nullify anyone accusing ruling party.

Karnataka legislatures on overseas tour paid by public funds- we had seen this interesting episode where legislatures of all political parties were sent overseas for holidays at public funds. Simple. That makes all parties – JDS, Congress and BJP together.

These two examples are setting a new fashion of different political parties sharing the spoils. That is not healthy democracy at all. We need good counter watch on each political actions and parties by rival parties and vigilant society groups.

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How long India should suffocate by sheer indifferent leadership

India is getting bad name in all walks of life. Each scams, at least the allegations which stays in the news beyond 10 days must be recognised as something DAL ME KAALA.

That impacts self confidence, self pride and that defeats our defence services, strong energetic young gen workforce, industries and trade. Pity is that our UPA Govt – PM Saheb has no sensitivity or shame at all despite being so educated and otherwise personally straight. Silence shows that he is doing a contract job for UPA CHAIRPERSON.

How can,  in the largest democracy, top leadership be so indifferent. Be quite and going about their work as if nothing has gone wrong. I have seen him talking to press mainly while going overseas or returning back home, talking inside aircraft and answering questions. But he hardly talks to media inside nation.

Will any parent keep quite if the kids suffer. For Soniaji, her only concern is Rahul Baba, or Priyanka to hold the leadership continuity. She does not worry and our PM ji is always at ZEE HAZZOR, with silence, not doing enough to  prevent scams also. Official circles as well as society loses confidence when each scam get dragged in the court for years with Tu TU going on. I believe BJP has done right thing by saying replace MMS, on account of direct accountability.

Following blog in Business Insider

How bad governance is ruining India’s competitive edge
by FP Editors Sep 5, 2012

God save the country. Not from enemies but insiders- leadership.

For Sonia it is dynasty and political football. She does not appreciate how this great nation of diversity is being ruined by inside enemies ( greed, dynasty, political upmanship, keeping a dummy as PM and holding the reins remotely). Not having come from grassroots, she has no appreciation or pains or tears at all except Baja Bajana opposition calling them communal or corrupt with so many skeletons.

Even top business leaders have voiced concern. But Cong feels countering opposition is their fulfilment, when country is losing self confidence. My tears for great India, where PM is always hiding behind, and makes silence as his shield. No self realization or self respect.

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Software business is a missionary one, not a mercenary business

With huge churning around the world, Infy showing doom and TCS showing Bloom, we are in a fix. Which way the IT business will go for Indian Cos.

But we should not overlook one thing. SW business is not like brick and mortar cos. It is a missionary business searching and providing DISRUPTION. Benefits that make differnce to the users and buyers.

That is somethng which each IT Head in sw business must think on and on each day, as otherwise repeat business id difficult.

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Baba Ramdevji – Mediocrity @Aastha TV Channel

Pujya Baba Ramdevji- your TV Interview at India Today Conclave and debate with Writer Chetan Bhagat was admirable. Hats off to you, who so nicely defined the Virtues and your public campaign on civil society.  You said it – Country and Society can not be run based on homosexuality and alchohol.

But the Aastha TV Channel programs fails to fall in line with your noble intentions and campaign. Why?

I am watching Aastha TV Channel since last 20 minutes, and Morari Bapu is yet to start his satsang. Lot of time was spent on his sitting and settling on the dais, with assistants walking here and there adjusting few things. Sri Ram Jai Shri Ram is the single chanting for last 10 minutes in slow and melodious tones. So boring to TV Viewers???

It is frustrating to see Shri Morari Bapu so often on Aastha TV and other TV Channels, occupying average 2-3 hours nonstop with slow and growing pitch on Ram Katha. He takes 30 minutes to start and another 30 minutes to end with so many devotees doing spot arthi to him.  Why should TV Viewers be made to go through this starting phase and ending phase just because the Ram Katha organizers have tons of money to spare. Why such Kolavari for global viewers?

TV Channel must have some ethics and standards even for religious or spiritual audience.

Society is changing. Speed and relevance to immediate social causes are important. That is how various TV Channels are showing programs – to cater to specific audience. Religion and spirituality is there on other TV Channels too, but in different formats and methodology. Even dance and drama oriented Sun TV Chanels ( highly ploitical ) in Tamil are now showing temple tours, Pasupathi Nath temples etc which is more educative to religious seeker like me than Aastha TV Channel at this time of Sunday morning.

Making rental money cannot be the sole purpose of TV Channel for its revenue and growth. What impression and inspiration does it give to the society? Only older people above 60-70 must be gluing to such program. People who have done all the sins through their past and now want to redeem by listening to long boring program. Ram Katha cannot be repeated so many a times each week, with such long monotony.

I wish Baba Ramdevji and his group of associates operating the TV channel must think strategically. Baba wants young and old both to tone up health through Yoga. Fine. But why such programs which only caters to 65 age average,  which have missed all the good learning through their life and want to pretend to redeem now.

I wish Aastha TV Channel take notice of this anguish and do something good for younger folks, who deserve to know and update the ancient India and practices. Baba Ramdev ideals must be obvious through his TV Channel too.

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Two dynasties interests decides future of most populous state UP and in turn India

Interesting to update with following media notings

1. Congress is soaked in blatently communal poitical game with religion based and caste based candidate selection. They never dared to call BJP as COMMUNAL this time

2. Trying to attract muslim vote bank by open public bidding 4.5% quote Vs 8 % or so Vs 18% reservations. It  is the game started by Rahulji, our future PM, and line of succession of our GOP. Diggy Bhaiyya and Salman Khursid both were in tears on Batla Encounter done by their Cabinet Colleague from Madras, who does not help UP Politics but only TN Politics and local Dynasty there of Karunanidhi family,

3. Now with poll surveys out in the open on TV media, we find clear segmentation within Congress – one who will do back channel with SP and other with BSP and may be third one with left overs . Except BJP all rest are under back channel with seperate hit squads released on the road

4. SP is the private ltd party in UP and Congress is the international ltd party in UP – comment just heard on Times Now. So exciting from folks in Lucknow that I could not resist blogging this piece.

BJP is under rest. Lalu is also under rest in UP. BSP and CONG are key players deciding the game. SP is out bidding congress on each count. Both have dynasty politics, with Nawabs ready on the launch pad. In fact Rahul has sister Priyanka as well Bavagaru or Jijaji Vadra ready on the deck.

Eventually dynasty family conveniences at Cong International Dynasty P Ltd and SP State P Ltd will decide the destiny of UP. State which has not been given adavantage of technology, business and modern global landscape deliberately by Cong family first. Ills of UP politics and social systems is not what people deserve there. Southern states have outgrown UP and Bihar. Who are the culprits. Certainly Dynasty Politics.

Pray for my brothers and sisters in UP, where I spent my childhood. Viewing LAL IMLI MILLS workers on TIMES NOW TV Interview brings tears into my eyes as Lal Imli Mills was the hall mark of Industrialization in 60s when I was a kid at Kanpur. Today it is ruins.

Sonia and Rahul have no tears for those suffering there? Only Haathi eating away our wealth and Batla Encounter.

No wonder when TEAM ANNA raised issues on public honesty and legislation at Central Govt levels, his team has been branded as RSS and BJP driven. Plight and backwardness of UP has greater reasons of central govt apathy than local state govt.

If Central ruling party and owners /leaders are not well wishers, then state can not do much by all themselves. Example Kushwavah was pursued by Congress ( admitted by Rahul himself) soon after he was thrown out of UP Govt, then he was raided soon after he joined BJP, and now again he is targetted – arrested by CBI days before results are to be announced.

Has UPA govt anything consistent ???? What happens to MERA DESH MAHAN.

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Most stupid Software experience- MS Office 2007

Usage of Windows 7 platform and Micosoft Office 2007 is giving me anxiety and suprise. How come people who designed this have forgotten the USER EXPERIENCE.Why should user be given so many options to choose from while using WORD or EXCEL etc.

Probably 2003 office was better as we have an option to go into sections of our need.

Least MICROSOFT could have done is to provide frequently used based prompts, so that users  get features tuned to his own usage and options of features, instead of so many features on which my mind get distracted. Each day usage of Office 2007 is a nightmare.

Intution is missing in the age of android and iPad. I have no other frustration than saying it is most stupid software for basic daily usage. Impact to me is of daily anger and frustration while using the 2007 Office for last one month. People have suggested me to get used to it.

Question is why did they design so stupid way of feature view/ selection in the world of intituitive business. Microsoft 2007 seems to be designed by college students or novices who have not yet understood which way the IT practice is moving to. Is this quality and delight from Microsoft, the organization which changed the rules of the game of IT Usage and Business and became a monopoly in office software.

iPad version of Microsoft Office about to be released as we hear in the press- God save the user delight if this continues.

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Baba Ramdev- Vote ki Takat- Yoga Vs Kaala Dhan and Brahstachar Vs Elections

Pujya Baba ji. Namasakar. With deep respects amidst too many people confusing India and we citizens I need a favour.

Pl do not confuse us with your twisted slant and educating us on voting whom and whom not. Points which I am hearing now on ASTHA TV Channel are

– many overseas cos are looting India, siphoning crore of money out of India

– brashtachar and black money ( ??)

-people want Yog, Sanskriti etc to be demolished

-let us do sidhikaran and settle down first with with people responsible 90%

– vanavasi and adivasi are getting looted

– naxals are creating trouble

– overseas cos are looting and conspiring against our democracy and taking away our wealth

– Govt has made constitution as their puppets

satta parivartan is OK and welcome. Pleading and warning on not missing to vote is great and OK. Bharat Swabhiman Sanghtan is good.

But it is too much to grasp you. Above list shows confusion and possible lunacy on your part sir.

Do not forget that so many Indian Cos are selling outside India and dominating several markets in India and overseas. Are you saying we are BEMAN and LOOTERS of money overseas.Kaala Dhan Kaala Dhan – how much bak bak are you going to heap on public.

Kaala Dhan is made in India by our own people. 400 cr Kaala Dhan must come back to India. ????

Why should it come back. How. By whom. ????

Movies, Music and Herbal and Natural Medicine etc are all business where we can convert black money to white and vice versa. Each segment of our society has ways which can generate black money.

Please check business segements in Hardwar , Merrut, Aligarh, Allahabad, Rishikesh, Ranchi, Luchnow or Kanpur. At kirana shop business, kapada business, garment business, logistics, mirchi, papad or achar business or food joints. Each of them have transactions where cash is used in large values. They are all black money.

Why not remove black money and corruption in Hardwar First.

So what are we confusing ourselves with Babaji. We adore you as much as Gandhiji who brought freedom to India. You have awakened us all on health benefits by Yoga, which is being taught free by you all over the world. We respect and pray to you Sir.

But please do not confuse us all with this Brashtachar and Kaala Dhan stories. India democracy is robust with freedon and simplicity of multi racial and religious society with shades of literacy across. Pl forgive us. Please avoid lambasting everything in India.

It demeans your brand image and respect for you otherwise. Yoga is different. Politics and Business are different.

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Pray India does not become Pak of today courtesy Congress UPA

Not just one horror story from FATA

This story in Pak newspaper online edition send shivers on what would happen to India in following decades with politics played by Congress Govt and UPA.

They did during partition because Nehruji favoured his family members ( sister) denying seats to Jinnah group. Then Indira created Bhindrawale and got killed by own security men. Rajiv Gandhi created Shah Bano tamasha and got into Ramjanmabhoomi cancer which haunts civil community, messed up LTTE Srilanka challenge and got the Srilanka Tamils battered instead of a novel resolution.

Digvijay disputes everything happening in his own country under his own party;s central govt and his colleagues responsible for admin and governance.

His disputing Batla House Police Encounter, his claiming that he was on phone with Police IPS office at Mumbai – few hours before 26/11 massacre – terrorists from Pak, his onslaught against Guj Police encounter despite knowing fully well that College Girl from Mumbai was part of LeT, as confirmed by LeT website posting days after she was killed in gun battle in Gujarat with LeT operatives, who were under scanner based on central agency tips….

Diggy Bhaiya mocking at Team Anna, and Baba Ramdev despite Cabinet Ministers and Cabinet Sec waiting to meet Baba at airport are all very dangerous designs to shake India for Electoral Gains by communalising the whole polity and public opinions.

I wish we all have amity and harmony as it is in India between all communities, majority and minorities with no discrimination and neutrality in govt service and public expenditures.

I like and enjoy the following link of festival in DAT SAHIB URS in Pakistan


God save India and Pakistan.

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It hurts the Nations- Digvijay Batla Encounter & Mansur Ijaz Memogate

So sad to see Digvijay Singh trying to communalize the country’s political discourse by keeping  on repeating Batla House encounter as stage managed and anti-Musilm and anti Islam act by Delhi Police.

He started this spin from Day One, and all big wigs in Congress and UPA patronised with no check or censure. Watching like Bhisma and Dhritrashtra.  Even repeated these days  to get Musilm Citizen votes. UPA govt forgets the severe damage it does to the secular fabric.

For sake of small and big gains in electoral politics. So bad that even Cong Spokesman and PC denied so. Pity it is so late that now Mulayam Singh Yadav and his dynasty Son is parroting the same.

No wonder someone simple and honest guy from Batla House locality got so frustrated that he poured ink on Baba Ramdev as others political big wings are well secured by AK 47 weilding Commandos. Poor Baba got it. Credit goes to Congress and Diggy Bhaiya who have done best to be divisive.

Mansur Ijaz is another character who wants to undo the country in Pak, while under cover as American Citizen, who wants to prove to his contacts in US that he can shake Pak if patronised and paid well. He was so enraged at Admiral Mullen being targetted by Pak politcians  that he blew the cover off and came into public. Mansur  is no more a Pak citizen so what is his worry. But he is bent on proving something in politics, while he is not a politician.

Digvijay Singh and Mansur Ijaz- what are they trying to prove. Break the nations. Become a hero and public figure. What a shame.

Politicians like Sonia and Rahul in India and Nawaz Sharif and Imran ( by army siding) are enjoying with glee without realizing same will haunt them when they face music. Blaming Communal elements in BJP and SC in Pak are no remedy.

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